Why hang up the phone, what to do to get released?

Now the era of smart phones is going on. A smart phone can be seen in the hands of everyone from adolescents to old people. And no matter what kind of convenience a current smart phone gives us. Many people have been in such a situation that even with a smart phone, they no longer have a partner.

Besides, many things are going to be easier in the house, office, such studies, even with smart phones. The popularity of the Android operating system is currently on the rise among smart phones. These Android phones offer more features.

But the irony of the greater benefits but not the less. For example, one of the common problems with Android phones now is that it may slow down or hang. At that time many of us became very upset and kept calling the phone companies. I think they made bad phones. But many of us do not know that our use of the phone hangs up too often.

So today we do not know how or why our Android phone becomes slow or hang-

If you install more applications on the phone memory (Internal Memory / ROM) instead of the extra memory card (Memory card / External Memory), the phone may hang due to the lack of ROM.

Mobile space is low. The main reason we use Android phones is to use many applications. But if the mobile space is low you will be more likely to suffer from such problems. This means that when you use many applications at the same time, mobile hangs when memory (RAM) is less than needed.

If cookies, cheeses, log type files, and unnecessary files are not cleared by the rules, then they will cause memory jams to hang on the mobile.

Compared to your mobile configuration or memory capability, mobile apps may hang if you run heavy applications, such as games and video apps.

More reasons

General Chat Chat Lounge As a rule not to charge mobile.

General Chat Chat Lounge Long time phone chatting.

General Chat Chat Lounge Downloading heavy files

General Chat Chat Lounge When it falls out of hand.

General Chat Chat Lounge Internal if any problem.

Hang on to solve the problem

However, there is nothing to worry about. As the problem is, there is a solution to it. So if you don’t know how to fix your phone hangs, here are some tips –

If you want to install something, try to install it on your memory card / External Memory. That is, try to keep your phone memory as blank as possible.

Uninstall apps you don’t use, or don’t need.

No matter what you enjoy, if your mobile (RAM) is low, never run a heavy application. Then the phone will not hang. Keep in mind that Zen does not run many applications on your phone at all times.

Rule mobile phone charge. Use a rubber national back cover or bumper. Then, even if worn out, the possibility of mobile hangs down.

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