Water on the smartphone, fix it yourself

Now it’s the rainy season. In the rain we are usually busy saving head and body. And in this opportunity, the smartphone in the pocket gets wet. Sometimes the phone can be wasted by entering a little water. However, if you know some things, you can go to the service center without drying the smartphone. Let’s not see how to quickly wipe a soaked smartphone.

When the phone is wet, wipe it quickly with a dry clean cloth. The more water you have, the sooner the interior of the phone is likely to be wasted. If it is too wet, the circuit is damaged due to short circuit. All data is lost.

When the water is in, remove the inside of the phone, such as battery, SIM card, memory card. Now wipe them in a dry cloth.

Hold the vacuum cleaner for 20 minutes along with the wet parts and dry the remaining water. Make sure the vacuum cleaner doesn’t get too close to the phone. This is because it produces steady electricity, which is more harmful to the phone than water.

USB cable, charger, and microphone can be connected to the smartphone by inserting water through small ports and can damage the phone within seconds. So quickly get the phone out of the water and switch off the phone to avoid short circuit.

Take out the SIM card. If you can, put it in the sun. Then insert the SIM card. It is good to use the battery for 24 hours. Instead, put the batteries in the rice. Rice absorbs excess moisture in the battery.

There are certain moisture absorbing substances (desiccants), which can absorb moisture better than rice, such as: silica gel. Often we get a packet of silica gel when buying a new shoe or bag.

The smartphone can be left in a plastic bag or airtight jar with a packet of silica gel. However, one of the disadvantages of this approach is that usually all of these packets are exhausted as a result of the first use of absorption.

When the phone is wet, many people try to keep the phone dry using a hair dryer. If you want to save the phone, do not do it. Hair dryer hot air damage to mobile. Many times it also melts the inner parts. Generally, the faster you can follow these rules, the more likely the phone will be.

If that works, your phone probably needs a new battery. And if the new battery doesn’t work, take your phone to an authorized vendor. They may be able to help you with this.

But in this case the phone should not be concealed in the event of falling into the water. This is because some parts of the phone have moisture indicators. Moreover, it can be easy to find out the exact cause of the phone problem.

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