That should never work with a smartphone

Nowadays without a smartphone does not last a day. However, there are some rules for using a smartphone. If they do not, then there may be danger in the moment. See that the tasks do not have to do with the smartphone at all.

1. Smartphones should be ‘locked’ at all times.

2. If the smartphone is bad then it should be removed from the ‘Authorized’ place at the same time.

3. If your hands are wet, it is never okay to put earphones on a smartphone.

4. It’s best not to use a less expensive adapter to charge a smartphone.

5. It’s best not to download the app from anywhere. It is likely to damage mobile phones.

6. Although not always possible, it is best to open the mobile case while charging.

7. Talking on the phone or playing games while charging mobile is not perfect.

8. When the charge is complete, unplug it. When overcharging, the mobile becomes hot.

9. Keeping a mobile phone in the pocket of a shirt is harmful to health.

10. Earphones should not be played while paying mobile charges.

11. Do not have a smartphone while sleeping.

12. Should not charge mobile with multi plug.

13. Keep the smartphone away from sunlight while charging.

14. Keep the mobile in open space like a table when charging.

15. Pressure on mobile phones is never okay.

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