How to use two monitors on one PC

Those who design or edit video on the computer need two monitors on the PC. Many people do not know how to setup a dual monitor on a PC.

Setting up a dual monitor is not too difficult. Also Windows OS now supports many things. It also operates on third-party dual monitor software.

What to do if you want to put a dual monitor on a personal computer? First you need two monitors. Although there are two separate monitors, there is no problem, but there are advantages if two similar monitors. Especially for the eyes. Because of the different resolution of the two different monitors, the eye is pressed. It is important to look at the back connection.

Usually we do not pay much attention to the multiple input of the monitor. But in the case of two monitors but two different inputs. In that case, it is best to buy a monitor with multiple inputs. The second is the graphics card that can be done with Google My Activity settings. Usually the monitor is connected to either the motherboard or the graphics card. But a graphic card can have multiple connections. In that case one to two Maximum connections will be found on the motherboard. So you have to decide whether the single graphics card will work with multiple output or multiple graphics card.

When you connect a second monitor to Windows, you will automatically detect it. The second desktop will also show on that monitor. Right-click on the desktop and select which one to create the primary monitor, you can choose the display settings. After selecting, you can customize the display screen. In that case, the monitor will get different numbers for the screen. Adjust the monitor’s resolution. Advanced display settings will be available at the top, from where it can be done easily. You can also configure it by right-clicking on the taskbar. From there, go to the property.

When you see it, select whether you want to see the taskbar on the display or not. Finally, when dealing with backgrounds, you will find the span options in the background in Personalization. From there, select the image in both cases.

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