How to strengthen the phone’s network signal

The phone’s network signal sometimes fluctuates. This happens when the tower’s distance from the phone increases. The result is calldrop. The other end is not heard properly. Here are some tips to solve this problem. By applying those you will get network signal more than ever on your phone.

Open the back cover of the phone

To protect the smartphone, I read the back cover on the phone. As a result, the phone’s signal capability is reduced. The thicker the case, the more signal problems will begin. Also, the signal strength decreases when the phone goes over the antenna band while holding the phone.

Stay near the tower

You must be wondering how the phone tower and your phone will be removed? You can do this by going to the windows or ceilings of your home. Exit the house on a wall of metal or concrete. Try to stay away from electronics.

Save the phone’s battery

When the battery is low on the smartphone, it automatically stops working. Specifies that the work requires more battery. Finding a network is one of them. Turn off the compromises that are not working at this time, and if WiFi Bluetooth does not work, then turning off the network will benefit.

Check the SIM card

Many times suddenly the network is down on the phone. This problem can be seen if the phone’s SIM card is dusted or damaged for some other reason. You can open the SIM card from the phone and insert it into the phone and then turn on the phone. If the problem is not resolved, go to the company and replace the SIM card with the number one.

Network Selection

Forgeries have been launched in many parts of the country. However, forgeries have not yet been launched in many places. But if the phone’s network mode is forged, the phone will only search for the network. But most of those places often have a good 2G / 3G network. So, by going to network setting on your phone and selecting 2 / 3g, you can get network fast.

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