How to keep the phone battery good?

One of the common complaints of phone users is that the charge on the phone runs out quickly. The battery is wasted earlier than other parts. This problem occurs if not charged correctly. In some ways, you can keep the phone battery good.

You need to use your own mobile charger while charging. The use of other mobile chargers gradually reduces the battery’s ability to hold charge. Because the charger with the phone has a certain amount of upstream voltage and current rating. Which is made in conjunction with the phone.

You should not sleep at night with a phone charge. Overnight charging results in overcharging. Which is not good for the phone at all. Charges overnight are also likely to cause the battery to overheat due to overheating.

After charging the phone, the battery heats up a bit. The effects of battery heating spread over the phone. So to protect the phone from overheating, keep the phone’s protective casing or cover open while it’s in charge.

There are many third party battery optimized apps for phones. These apps run on the phone’s background and charge more. That’s why it’s best not to use a different battery app on the phone.

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