Do you know how these secret codes work?

The cellphone was once considered as mere technology, in addition to talking. But now, the cellphone is no longer a mere sight, but it is being used as a human necessity.

New York Times reports that cell phones have become more important to the rich than they are to the people of developing countries.

But very few people know all the details of our cellphone. In this wireless chat we have some secret codes that we never thought about. Let’s know the essential codes of the cellphone:

1) Outgoing Call Confidential: # 31 # If the iPhone subscribers enter this code, all outgoing calls will be hidden. The person you call will not see your number. Android Customer Code is # 31 # “Phone Number”.

2) Outgoing Call Block: * 33 * # This code will block all outgoing calls from your phone. That is, only the phone will come. You will not receive any calls from this phone. You can restart it with # 33 * pin #. This also applies to the iPhone.

3) To fix communication: Is your phone’s communication too bad? Then press * 3370 # this code that will help you in the communication. This code enables the phone’s EFR coding system. Increases the communication capabilities of the phone. Applies to iPhone.

4) To know IMEI information: Many of us know this code. * # 06 #: Code for Android Customers. By applying this code, IMEI information on the mobile will be known.

5) To know all the more: * # * # 4636 # * # * Applying this code will allow the Wi-Fi signal of the mobile, battery information, and Android customers.

6) Factory setting: * # * # 7780 # * # * Applies to Android phones. This code will return the phone to the factory setting. That is, the setting was at the time of purchase. You can use this code in the mobile form for a buck.

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