Because of that you will restart the phone

Smartphones are now our all time companion. We try to take care of it every moment. But many times we do not know a lot of information on our phone without our knowledge.

As such we do not reboot or refresh this device. Or do not even know what happens to them. As a result we are inadvertently damaging the device! Let’s know about this.

There are several reasons why you should restart your phone at least once a week. And all the reasons are good. Examples are: Keeping memory on the phone, preventing crash, keeping the phone running better and extending battery life.

Let’s talk about using your apps daily. “In most cases, apps are turned off, but they don’t really close,” said Bob Mottamady, a Los Angeles tech expert. As it is still active after shutting down for faster reloading. ‘

‘Then think about how many apps you have open every day, and they start to slowly drain the phone’s memory and battery. And suppose you have to think about it every day because the charge on the phone is going away fast. ‘

Restarting the phone completely closes the open apps and gets rid of everything that is doing to save the RAM.

The phone can crash for a variety of reasons, but if you do not restart the phone, its effects can be clearly seen. During each update, page load and app install or delete, the phone’s operating system code is added or deleted.

‘Sometimes after installing or uninstalling these components are incompatible or incompatible. Most of them are drained when the phone is restarted, and the phone works well, ”said Motamedi.

What is responsible for the battery running out fast is always to charge. “If you do not completely eliminate the battery charge of the phone, it will not be fully recharged and the battery life will be less.” – said Motamedi.

That is why you reduce your phone’s battery charge to zero percent and then charge 5 percent. ‘ To save phone memory and free from crashes, restart the phone at least once a week.

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